Do you know that apart from the psychological and physical reasons behind your ED increased prolactin hormone can also be the reason for you not being able to get an erection?

There is a complex reason as to why the increase in the levels of prolactin might bring about reduced sexual activity and degraded sexual health in males.

We will see them one by one but let’s begin from where it all starts-

Why is prolactin hormone released in such high amounts?

The high levels of prolactin hormone are not regular and if you are suffering from high levels of prolactin hormone then this is termed a disorder named hyperprolactinemia.

If you know about the human body you know that this prolactin hormone is released by the pituitary gland in the brain.

But don’t worry…

Increased levels of prolactin in your blood or hyperprolactinemia can also be treated.

This is if you use Cabergoline 0.5 mg.

The reason why prolactin is released in such high amounts is not exactly known and some believe it to be an abnormal functioning of the pituitary gland while others think of this as a tumor growth resulting in a malfunction of the pituitary gland.

Why is it so important to reduce excess levels of Prolactin hormone?

See, prolactin hormone is secreted by women during the times of pregnancy when the mammary glands are producing milk for the expecting baby or even in breastfeeding women.

But the excess levels of prolactin in both men and women can bring about reduced sexual urge, lack of desire to have sex, reduced orgasm intensity.

In females, this can lead to excess milk production while in males apart from the degraded sexual function one can also see the enlargement of breasts.

Does high prolactin cause ED due to lowering of testosterone?

You can say this was the earlier belief that hypogonadism is one of the main reasons for ED. And that prolactin was fuelling hypogonadism or the reduced production and synthesis of the male sexual hormone called testosterone.

However, as expected this is not the only reason that you are having ED.

It was proven when additional supplements of serum testosterone injections implemented in ED men with hyperprolactinemia were not able to harden their erections.

This meant that there is something else that prolactin was doing to make you suffer from ED. Anyways if you are suffering from prolactinoma or increased prolactin levels you can Buy Cabergoline and use it to cure your increased prolactin levels in the blood. Known by the brand name of Dostinex the pills are both effective in males and females.

How much chance do you have of developing ED due to high levels of prolactin?

There has been researching conducted by scientists and researchers that claim that men or women with high prolactin levels have a high chance of suffering from sexual problems.

Talking of males these sexual problems are mostly ED in the majority of cases and are as high as 88%. Some of the men can also experience reduced sexual desire or delayed orgasm or the complete lack of orgasm.

Thus if you are suffering from hyperprolactinemia then it is best to use Cabergoline 0.5 and preferably go with the doctor’s view on the dosage as far as treating prolactinemia is concerned.

How do the excess levels of prolactin hinder your erections?

At first, the excess levels of prolactin hormone will be secreted that will have an inhibitory effect on the various parts of the hypothalamus.

With the excess levels of prolactin hormone in the hypothalamus the levels of tyrosine hydroxylase mRNA increase. Now, this is where the dopamine hormone is also released. Thus you can expect the high levels of prolactin hormone to have an inhibiting effect on the secretion of dopamine hormone as well.

High levels of prolactin hormone, will reduce the release of the dopamine hormone and reduce the patient’s ability and desire or the mood to have satisfying sex if at all.

The working mechanism of prolactin that gives a hindering effect on your erections is quite complex, to say the least.

How to reduce higher prolactin secretion?

With a severe nagging disorder as ED that can reign havoc on your married and sexual bliss, it is good to undergo treatment.

Buying the doses of prolactin and using them would be one way to control excess prolactin secretion.

Prolactin hormone’s inhibitory effect on the dopamine hormone would get reduced due to the excess levels of dopamine hormone in blood as when you Buy Cabergoline and take it, this would result in increased secretion of dopamine hormone.

Generic Cabergoline hails from the class of dopamine receptor agnostic and thus this prevents the prolactin hormone from binding to the receptors of the dopamine hormone.

Where to buy Cabergoline?

To Buy Cabergoline you can either approach your local medicine shop in your locality or check out the prices of generic Cabergoline popular by the name of Dostinex on the online medicine selling websites.

You must ensure that you check out the prices on at least four or five different portals before you finally go on to Buy Cabergoline.

It is also to be understood that the use of Cabergoline dose is not the same for all and this would normally depend on a lot of internal physique factors to know which dose to Cabergoline is the best for a patient.