Do you know that choosing handbags that compliment your body figure makes you look fabulous? Just like you never step out in a dress which doesn’t fit you well, you should not carry bags that may look odd on your overall body frame. Thus getting a bag for your body is just as important as getting the right fit in your clothing. The size and style of the bag does matter and the bags you love to carry compliment and flatter your body type just like your clothing outfits.

Bags for petite and fuller figure women

Women with small body frames should carry bags that do not compete or overwhelm their body frame. Simple smaller bags with minimal glittering and flashing effects look best on petite women. For women having a fuller figure, large bags like the tote or messenger can make them look more elegant. If you opt to carry striking bags, make sure not to carry them near the heaviest part of your body as that will only add up your fullness.

Bags for tall women

Women with good height have most of the options to select from. Any medium sized bag will look fabulous and elegant on you. You can choose from totes, long shoulder bags, messenger bags, hobos etc. All these bag styles will look perfect to make you look like a model. Women with heavier busts or hips should never carry bags near these areas of the body. There are many structured designs in bags that can contrast with your feminine curves to highlight them off better.

Some varieties of women bags look good on almost every body type. Brightly patterned clutch bags matched to an outfit will always draw the attention making your look more fabulous and fashionable. Don’t buy bags that make your figure look complicated. Try opting for bags that can best describe your personality. Carrying a bag with confidence and comfort will enhance you style and individuality altogether. Always buy bags that you love to carry and keep your look uncomplicated.

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