Learning the Holy Quran has always been a passion for a lot of Muslims. Some only read the Quran while others like to translate it, memorize and recite it. It was not easy to read the Holy Quran in the past. But time has changed now. Innovation in technology has paved the way to learn to read Quran online. All you have to do is just look for the best website to learn Quran online. Then you will get the best online Quran teachers to help you learn Quran online. 

Online Quran teaching academies have professional and certified Quran tutors. It is because they hire Quran teachers very carefully. One of the best websites to learn Quran online is “Quran Schooling”. The best thing I like about this online Quran teaching academy is its evaluation system. It not only evaluates the teachers before hiring them but also keeps an eye on their performance after they are hired. It makes them the best website to learn Quran online for kids and adults. Let us delve into depth and know how this website hires the best online Quran teachers for its students. 

Evaluation Before Hiring

The process to find the best online Quran tutor starts with a series of tests. The academy has designed mind-boggling tests. These tests put the limits of the most professional online Quran tutors to the test. Questionnaires related to in-depth knowledge of the rules of Tajweed and the meaning of the verses of the Quran are asked. In addition to this, the certificates of the teachers are checked. Only those Quran tutors are hired who are certified from well-reputed institutes. It helps to know the level of expertise of the teacher. 

After that, the stage of interviews comes. The shortlisted teachers are invited for an interview where they are examined in detail. The qualifications and professionalism of the candidates for teachers are judged. Then the teachers are asked to give demo classes to the interview panel. It helps the judges to analyze the caliber of the teachers and their method of teachers. Only those online Quran teachers are hired for online Quran teaching for kids and adults who get through all these stages successfully. 

Evaluation After Hiring

The system of evaluation does not come to a standstill after hiring one. In fact, the scrutiny gets even tighter to maintain the standard of quality of best Quran teaching online. When an online Quran tutor is hired, the academy takes every step to judge whether the teacher is really providing the best online Quran classes or not. For that, this online Quran teaching academy asks the students and their parents about the performance of the teacher. Strict actions are taken against online Quran teachers if they are not maintaining the standards of quality. 

What If I Want To Change My Quran Teacher?

When you hire someone to learn Quran online, you do not only have the liberty to choose timings for your online Quran classes. But you also have the authority to change your Quran teacher online if you are not satisfied with them. If you feel any problems in understanding the teacher or you find your online Quran tutor to be difficult to understand, you can change them. Just contact your online Quran teaching academy you have hired and describe your problem. In this way, you can get a new Quran teacher online to teach you. 

Do My Reviews Have Any Impact?

As mentioned earlier, the company takes timely reviews about the online Quran teachers that are provided to its students. Some students do think that the reviews are just a formality and they do not have any impact. But it is not true. The reviews are given a lot of importance and the academy takes them seriously. If a teacher continuously gets bad reviews from the students, one may have to lose their job. The evaluation system of the Quran Schooling is strict. Hence, your reviews mean a lot to them in terms of evaluating the teacher’s performance. 

Having a strict evaluation system helps the academy to sift through a large number of online Quran teaching candidates. Through which, it gets easier for the company to find the most qualified and best Quran tutors for the students.