Foss is free and open-source software that millions of people are using every day. People,  most of the time, don’t understand the nature of free and open-source software.  There are many myths about Foss which, this article will deal with below.

Linux is an open-source operating system. Software that manages a system’s hardware is an operating system.  The technology world is relying on Linux as it is secure in its usage. Linex makes the connection between all the software. 17 September 1991 was its release date.

There are many false myths about Linux. This article will burst the myths about Linux. People have doubts about the products before they use them. Such as you will never know how titan 440i parts work unless you buy them and try using them yourself. So using FOSS and Linux yourself will burst the myths.

I am writing down five myths about each FOSS and LINUX. I will also help you understand that they are only myths and not reality.

Let’s start!            

5 Myths About FOSS.


1.      They Give Away Free Stuff.

Free Software Foundation says that FREE means that certain freedoms are for the users at a cost as it is not free. To run, copy, study, change and improve the software is the freedom of free software.

2.     Anyone Can Change an Open-Source Project.

Benevolent Dictators manage the FOSS projects. They have control over the projects as they decide what will go inside them. Contributors submit their changes to them all around the world. They then allow the relevant change.

The FOSS projects maintain their changes, as they don’t want their software to be on bad terms. They want their software to be helpful to the people, not useless.

3.     Open-Sorce Software is Not a Secure Software.

A commercial license does not guarantee the security of proprietary software.  The fact that you can find mistakes is the reason FOSS is secure. They are transparent about vulnerabilities.

More people together end up finding the flaws and quickly fix them. It is a collective effort of all the developers. This myth is only a myth and not reality.

4.     Large Companies Don’t Use FOSS.

It is false as FOSS solves the issues of most of the big companies. These companies also invest in FOSS projects. There is no racial bias FOSS community.

It does not matter whether you are an amateur or professional in the FOSS community. Only your work matters in the FOSS community.

5.     The Usage of FOSS is Only for LINUX Users.

This myth is only a myth. VLC Media Player and, Firefox is free and open-source software. Everyone is using them as they are working on Mac and Windows.

5 Myths About Linux.


1.      It is Difficult to Use.

The usage of anything for the first time is hard. Don’t you agree? Such as using new technology is always harder at the start and gets easier once you learn it.

You never stop using it and keep trying until you get it. The same is with LINUX. Give it a little time and, you will succeed in understanding it.LINUX has so many options confusing the people at the start but, it is no different.

2.     Learning Commands is a Must to Use LINUX.

If this myth is true, it would be a nightmare. Only knowing a few commands will work things out for you. Not everyone can use a command line for an operating system. Otherwise, it will become impossible to use to the majority of people.

3.     It Does Not Have Many Applications.

LINUX does not have enough applications in comparison to Windows but, it has enough applications itself.

 The software center will provide you with a variety of applications available. You can always get an alternative application if you don’t like a particular one. Though, it is only a myth.

4.     Gamers Cannot Use LINUX.

It is not the truth for a casual gamer as LINUX has many games for a casual gamer. It may be for a professional gamer. It has a good range of games available, so bursting this myth is best.

5.     Regular Desktop Users Can Not Use LINUX.

You can use LINUX on a regular computer and do almost everything, whether reading, playing games, Netflix, or even listening to songs. It is only a myth.


Final Words: 5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About LINUX and FOSS.

This article will help you clear most of your doubts and false statements about FOSS and LINUX. Never believe in myths until you try them yourself first.

There are thousands of things that are on the internet which you shouldn’t believe. Follow this article to finish all your queries.

Best of luck!