The operational processes of companies depend on their human capital, but their optimization depends a lot on the equipment used. With new line of Universal Independent Support Cabinets, companies can streamline their operations by reducing project execution time and offering security.

Universal Independent Support Cabinets: thus, optimizing operational processes

Universal Freestanding Enclosures offer a fast and cost-effective way to design and configure your equipment according to your needs. They help to optimize operational processes thanks to their characteristics.

Express customization

The Universal Cabinets have been designed to offer flexibility. Therefore, one of its attributes is express customization, which allows you to start with simplified base cabinets and then customize them with accessories and modifications as required. 

You can choose from three base cabinets: opening on the right side, opening on the left side or opening on both sides. These in turn can be configured in six enclosure types with universal 4x, 4, 12, 3R, IP66 and IK10 ratings.

Minimal labor

This new line of freestanding support cabinets also helps optimize your operational processes by requiring minimal labor. They feature an improved center post, lighter doors, next-generation panel glider and interlocking, reducing installation costs.

But also, with Universal Cabinets, you get a reduction of up to 30% in installation time. This is because the side and barrier panels, as well as the false floor, are easy to install.

Improved security

The optimization of operational processes not only implies a reduction in costs and time, but also an increase in security. With Universal you can be sure that your equipment and staff will be protected at all times. These cabinets, in addition to being robust, have been designed with a safety focus.

This is why barrier panels are used to separate the voltage of the installation in a simple way. For this separation, a disconnector for disconnection isolation or a false floor can also be used. The latter promotes cable protection.

The Universal Independent Support Cabinets are the ideal solution for companies that want to save costs and time. While they guarantee the performance of the equipment and its safety according to its application and use. If you want to know more about this line and use them in your industry, contact electrical experts.

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