Feel Curious About Something

Sometimes I feel curious about something that I'm doing or am very curious about a situation. When I'm feeling curious, I can't help myself get drawn into it. For example, I'll be at the grocery store and be reading a sales article about organic foods and the price of them. As I read I get excited, but then I think to myself, "Why should I buy this?''.

Often my mind wanders to what I'm feeling curious about. I find that it is usually a good idea to stop and reflect on my interest for a little bit before I decide what I want to do. Once I have a clear conclusion and objective in mind, I can start to do the things that I truly want to do.

There's one time when I'm feeling curious about something that I know nothing about.

For some reason I feel like I need to investigate further. It's not always easy to draw conclusions based on so little information, but I don't know how else to make an informed decision. So I do the next best thing and go for it.

Unfortunately, once I've gotten to the conclusion I was hoping for, there's usually no more room to argue with it. I've made my decision and that's the end of it. So what do I do now? I make a decision and follow through. This usually gets me into trouble, because I make quick decisions without thinking things through.

In my mind I probably would have made a different decision had I allowed more time to develop my conclusion. The same thing happens when I'm making a decision about something that I think I want to do. I get this feeling that I need to follow through on it, and I can't help it. So what do I do?

If I don't make a decision about what I want to do it will always be curious in the back of my mind. I'll wonder if I'm being foolish and wondering if I'm being led down the wrong path. Or I'll just feel dumb and awkward because I failed. But this is what we do when we let ourselves fall into the trap of curiosity. We get sidetracked.

If I'm feeling curious about a topic that I'm interested in I try to understand everything that I can about it.

This usually involves reading. Once I understand all the possible angles then I can begin to form an opinion. From there I can decide if I'm going to follow through on my curious reasoning or if I should turn away from it and go back to the drawing board. Most people are good at deciding when to follow their curious reasoning and when to put it aside. The problem is that most of us don't stop to think about our decisions until we're in the dilemma.

As with anything else, our brain will use the process of thinking to try and figure out a solution to our problem. It's much like when you're walking down the street and you see a car heading your way. You may decide to follow it because you feel curious. As you drive closer, you realize that it's probably a bad idea.

In this case, we decided to follow the car but now we have a hard decision to make. Should we continue to follow it or should we turn around and head the other way? We could have made the decision to look at the situation differently, but we didn't so now we're stuck in a new situation.

This is why education is so important in life. Not only does it help us learn how to do the things that are important to us, it also helps us learn how to avoid making decisions that will potentially harm us. We can become better citizens of society if we learn about and apply the correct process of reasoning.

Learning how to feel curious about something is only half the battle. We also have to decide when to act on our curious reasoning. The other half is deciding what our conclusion will be. By doing this we are exercising our brain and taking control over our conclusion. With this power, we can truly enjoy life and achieve the goals that we desire.