Most Powerful Females in History

Why most powerful females in history have inspired men throughout the ages? Is there a meaning to their greatness? What role do they play in shaping our future? The meaning of Queen Victoria and the role she played, what meaning does the most powerful woman in history, Victoria Beckham have to our society and her impact on our culture, what does she having the perfect body say about our society and our beauty standards?


The meaning of the most powerful females in history is determined by whom we study their lives and accomplishments.

If you study the lives and work of the most powerful females in history you will note that they have one thing in common; they were women who accomplished great things. Think of the first woman US President, Washington D.C., Lincoln, and Eleanor Roosevelt, these three women were trailblazers in their time and paved the way for women today. Their achievements have become the benchmark that women aspire to. Without these trailblazers, no women would be allowed to vote, serve in Congress, or hold any high position in government.


The meaning of the most powerful ladies in history is determined by studying their courage and determination to achieve freedom. The first lady of the United States was no ordinary lady, she was born a man, was neither a slave nor a free white female but yet she went on to become the first lady of the United States. Did she achieve this without any personal injury? Her mother had been thrown out of her own home, her father dead and her brother was taken away as a slave. What hardships did she face, but through sheer determination and an undying passion she managed to succeed and become the first lady of the United States?

The most powerful women in history also had personal hardships and yet they persevered. Queen Victoria of England had to endure the worst conditions of life during the time of the Industrial Revolution when working in the textile mills was very dangerous. Yet she persevered and rose to be one of the most famous queens of England. Through her influence, the industrial revolution changed the face of the world and the role of royalty in it. Queen Victoria played a crucial role in the extension of democracy around the world.


Jefferson Davis became a major factor in changing the history of the Civil War.

He was a general who led his army through what was then considered as a Northern territory. A major factor in his success was his ability to inspire his men. His military success was due in large part to his having an extraordinary understanding of the value of a beautiful opal ring. This important ring helped him in winning his key battle at Monmouth. The meaning of the most powerful females in history is determined by looking at their courage to change themselves and follow their dream.

Ellen Tracy Parks is another of the most powerful females in history.


She was a leader of the feminist cause, which was a significant change from previous generations. Parks was a trailblazer who demanded equal rights for black Americans. She tirelessly practiced what she preached and went on to become a leader of the women's suffrage movement in the United States. Today, with the help of the internet this "feminist leader" continues to practice her beliefs concerning women's rights and equality.

The most powerful female in history may be Anna Jarvis landline Waters. Both were exceptional leaders who practiced what they preached. Anna Jarvis was a leader who inspired the suffragist movement with her radical views on women's rights. After successfully advocating for women's rights, she founded the Women's Literary Association. Then, after the failure of the women's suffrage movement, she founded the National Woman's Party. Through her work and that of her associate, Paul Corbett, the rights movement transformed into the modern feminist movement in the United States.

Another very strong female leader of the period that deserved to be mentioned is Gloria Steinem.


Born inauspiciously as the daughter of Jewish immigrants from Nazi Germany, Gloria Steinem lived through many harrowing moments throughout her childhood. But, she also experienced personal happiness and triumph. This, coupled with her strong beliefs in women's rights and freedom helped make her a pioneering and unforgettable feminist icon.