Local SEO, or local SEO, is part of natural SEO. Well done, it will allow you to boost your visibility on search engines.

The principle is simple! 

Google, in order to always provide the best possible response to users, will geolocate its results either according to your IP or according to the geographic criteria linked to your request.

As you will have understood, local referencing is a real boon for craftsmen, entrepreneurs and other SMEs, mid-cap companies and even large brands with branches throughout the territory.

But how to work on your local SEO? 

The basis of SEO goes through a well-optimized Google My Business listing.

Your Google My Business listing is your business card on Google, it summarizes the most important information about your business, allows you to interact with your customers or to inform about your hot news.

Creating a Google My Business listing is 2 minutes high!

But be careful to complete it carefully in order to be as visible as possible.

Well optimized, 5% of Google My Business listings that are displayed during navigation lead to a visit to the company's website, a call or a display of the route. On average, 56% of Internet users visit the site, 20% display the itinerary and 24% call.

And all this knowing that 84% of Internet users find a Google My Business listing thanks to an approximate search! Thus, if by typing "hairdresser reindeer", it is on your card that the Internet user falls, you will have a good chance of getting the appointment!

6 important points to optimize your Google My Business listing 

  • Complete the form very carefully (timetables, contact details, etc.).
  • Highlight quality and attractive photos.
  • Offer a 360 ° virtual tour of your establishment to attract even more customers
  • Encourage customers to post reviews (at least 8 reviews are necessary to reach the top 3 Google positions), and interact with Internet users by responding carefully to reviews, and in a reassuring manner. 
  • Post weekly posts to talk about their news. 
  • Give customers the opportunity to make contact more easily with your business (chat, phone, etc.).

And there you have it, you just have to get started! It's fast and it can bring you significant traffic. And of course, we remain at your disposal to assist you in optimizing your local SEO, do not hesitate to get in touch with our experts.

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