A common type of Asian restaurant in Tampa FL is the Dim sum restaurant. These places their name majorly from the most common dish they offer which is the Dim sum. Asian restaurants in Tampa FL offer amazing selections of meal options from which people can choose from but the Dim sum meals are particularly famous. These Asian restaurants in Tampa FL or rather Dim sum restaurants typically have a wide variety of dim sum dishes, usually totaling several dozen.

A particular feature about Dim sum restaurants is their tea, which is just as important as the meals. Most of these dim sum restaurants have a unique serving method where their servers variety of dishes to customers from steam-heated carts. People traditionally enjoy Dim sum in restaurants for breakfast and lunch and here are some types of Dim sum to try out.

  1. Har Gow (Shrimp dumplings)

A must-eat dim sum dish to consider is the har gow, which is shrimp dumplings. These shrimp dumplings generally have a thinner skin which is also translucent when cooked allowing the shrimp that gets wrapped inside to remain succulent and keep its texture.

  1. Bean curd sheet rolls

Bean curd sheet rolls are one of people’s favorite Dim sum dishes as they are just meat paste rolled up tightly in bean curd sheets. They usually in two different variants which are fried or steamed and get topped with a substantial layer of flavorful broth. The bonus of the broth particularly makes this Dim sum dish delicious as it just adds a different dimension to the taste.

  1. Fried spring rolls

Another type of Dim sum dish to try out is the fried spring rolls. Asian restaurants in Tampa FL offer this dish in multiple versions with different fillings. There is the vegetarian version which is way lighter on the palette and super crunchy and there’s also the version filled with animal proteins. Fried spring rolls usually get served with a savory dipping sauce as you bite down on it.

  1. Custard buns

Custard buns have particularly been around for a while but recently just started gaining more popularity as Dim sum restaurants now sell these custard buns in various shapes and sizes. These sweet buns contain custard in liquid forms that sometimes contain salted egg yolks. Each bite of these buns is savory and sweet but contains plenty of calories, so be watchful of how many of them you eat.

  1. Steamed pork ribs

Another traditional dim sum dish that many love and you can consider trying out is the Steamed pork ribs. Asian restaurants in Tampa FL usually these bite-sized rib pieces on the bone. The ribs get marinated and steamed in a savory gravy that may contain chili, black beans, and scallions. You can decide to pick the meat off the bone with chopsticks or simply gnaw on its whole. Either way, these ribs are succulent and full of flavor.

  1. Xiaolongbao

Xiaolongbao is inarguably one of the most easily recognizable dim sum dishes in the world as you can find this dish almost anywhere dim sum gets served. The Xiaolongbao dish is simply mini dumplings filled with flavorful soup broth and pork mince. These dish type gets enjoyed by many as they are little pockets of flavors as bursts into life in the mouth. You can decide to enjoy this flavorful dish by adding vinegar and shredded ginger for additional flavor.