Modern Home Staging – the art of decorating your house to look and feel great when a potential buyer walks in the door. The idea is to portray your home in a way that makes a potential buyer fall in love with it and begin imagining themselves living in it.

You go out for your first home visit. You navigate through the dining area to make your way to the living room. There you find a stack of old books, a stain on the sofa, and a worn-out rug on the floor. You feel suffocated by the dusty environment.

Then you enter the second house for a visit. Modern home staging is at its peak. When you enter the house, you are greeted with aroma that whirls around you. You notice the well-decorated lounge and fruit basket on the countertop. The rest of the house just seems perfect – giving away the vibe of coziness, family love, and peace.

You’d most probably choose the second house. This is how important modern home staging is.

But how much does it cost, and whether is it worth it to invest in home staging?

Cost of Modern Home Staging

According to a home advisor, modern home staging costs can go up to $2,210 approximately. But the prices vary with time. For example, renting fixtures for a prolonged period can cost in three-digit value.

Here the thing that matters most in modern home staging is the size and scope of the project. For example, if your home is already well decorated and your furniture is up-to-date, looks captivating, you might only need to rearrange the furniture layout, and it's done. Then it will comparatively cost you less than the home staging from scratch.

Is Home Staging Worth It?

Without any doubts, home staging is a worthwhile investment. The better a home presents in the real estate market, the more apparent value it has, which makes it sell faster that too at a high price. If you are not sure whether modern home staging is worth it or not, ask your real estate agent for feedback on your property and the current market condition in your neighborhood. The agents have a good understanding of buyer perspective and know-how they look at your home. They will tell you whether it is worth spending on modern home staging or not.

Summing up, home staging might be costly, but doing it will prove to be very profitable!