If you think you are afraid to communicate with the audience, you are not alone. In fact, out here, many people are so scared of presentation than of dying. Many people suffer from extreme nervousness while giving a presentation that their heart race fastens, their knees shake, their hands sweat, and they feel a dry mouth. What’s more? They speak too fast or hesitate putting their point of view. Yet these stresses are natural and can be overcome by presentation skills evaluation and through finding ways to cope with them - working on presentation skills.

Presentation skills are beneficial in many aspects of work and life. The effective presentation skills evaluation is crucial to success in business, sales, selling training and so on. Building confidence and capability to give a great presentation and stand up in front of colleagues/audience and convey your perspective are also very helpful competencies for self-development and handling social situations.

Presentation Skills – Three “P’s” to Manage Your Fear During Presentation


Why fear public speaking? It is one out of seven most giant fears humans have. Could it be possible that someone would die rather than giving a presentation? The good news is that the chances of dying from presentation fear are meagre. There are lots of presentation skills that will boost your confidence and eliminate the factor of anxiety.

Want to know?

The three arsenals you must learn to develop presentation skills in yourself are Preparation, practice and performance.


Fear will no longer accompany you on stages when you prepare correctly and feel confident with your presentation skills. Preparation starts when you clearly understand why your presentation is on a particular topic. This adds clarity to your purpose. Understand the audience and prepare with full enthusiasm as there is why you are chosen as a presenter. Once you know who the audience is, why me, and the environment, you can more efficiently prepare for the presentation.


Have you heard; practise makes a man perfect? It's a universal truth, and it works. Once you are done with preparations, start practising and do as much as possible as you can. So not memorize; practice different presentation skills that will help you overcome your fear during the presentation.

Pro Tip: time your presentation. Fix a time for the sections. Once you know you have time for specific content, you will not get overstressed.


Do your best. Don’t overthink what others think. If you start to wonder about negative thoughts, remember you are here for some reason, among others, and your audience didn’t come to see you. one best presentation skill evaluation is to transmute your negative thoughts to positive.

Just remember you can do this.

Summing up, fear is normal, but it can be managed by learning the art of presentation skills hidden in these three P’s.