Do you know how your HR team works and what are their responsibilities? If no, you should because their decisions can affect your team performance, especially when hiring qualified sales reps. Why? The sales department and its success are the pillar of your business growth. However, convincing clients to sign a deal with you isn’t easy. Also, as a sales agent, you have to define your business and its purpose.

As a sales manager, you may face different challenges due to incorrect recruitment decisions from your HR team’s end. For example, they hired a sales rep and couldn’t define their responsibilities and company standards correctly. How can you fix this issue? For this, you can help your HR team understand the type of professionals you need. Also, it would help if you read the famous book Selling Equals Dollars for hiring quality sales reps.

Make a list of traits regarding sales job

HR team knows that the company needs a sales executive for their sales department. But often don’t know what qualities a sales rep should have for meeting the sales job’s requirements. That’s why the author of the book called $elling Equal$ Dollar$ recommends you to make a list of traits that define a salesperson’s attributes that you need. It can consist of the following.

  • Positivity
  • Curiosity
  • Leadership
  • Competitiveness
  • Ambition
  • Control
  • Strategic thinking
  • Skills to play with client’s mind

Make sure this list gives an idea to your HR team which candidate will be suitable for the job in their company. You can read the book known as $elling Equal$ Dollar$ for further ideas.

Establish a scorecard

Establishing a scorecard will be the most helpful way for the HR team to recruit qualified sales reps. Make sure it must standardize the specific category for the hiring method. Similarly, there are lots of benefits to making a scorecard. Some of them are;

  • It will save each interview duration because it will indicate which sales rep you need for the designated job.
  • An HR team member can filter the qualities of the candidate more efficiently than before.
  • HR executive will have an incredible recruitment experience.
  • You can also evaluate your HR team member’s work performance easily with this scorecard.

For more ideas, you should read the famous book called $elling Equal$ Dollar$.


A company has separate departments, and they perform different functions. But one thing that department members can’t understand that their decisions impact each other’s performances. Similarly, if your agency’s HR team hires a sales rep that can’t meet job standards, it won’t be good news for both teams, HR and sales. Mutual collaboration can be a solution. For this, you can follow these ideas and read the book $elling Equal$ Dollar$.