Narcissism is not attributed to people who post selfies and list all their favorites meals on Facebook. It is a diagnosable personality disorder but many are unaware of this disorder. Lots of people do suffer their whole life - losing relationships, unable to make friends, and much more. Forgive Me for My Sins is serving as a one-stop solution for people suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). You are not alone. There are many like you who are unable to recognize the patterns.

Forgive Me for My Sins can help you in your recovery process. Yes, it is possible to lead a simple, “happy” life. Being self-centered, only thinking of yourself, playing with other insecurities, hurting your partner in the relationship, demanding constant validation from others, and becoming sensitive to minor negative comments are narcissist traits. Remember, it's not your mistake. If you dare to fight, you can get rid of the unknown ‘you’ living in yourself. Let’s get the help of Forgive Me for My Sins and begin the journey of escaping narcissism.

To give you a ray of hope, we share with you ‘The story of Alonzo Harris,’ the author of Forgive Me for My Sins.

Alonzo Harris – A Ray of Hope for Millions

Sharing his light with people in darkness, Alonzo Harris, the author of Forgive Me for My Sins, is a self-confessed narcissist. Confessing your weakness or particular condition you are suffering from is real courage. But he did because leading a life in the right way is the only way to spend a happy and satisfied life. In early life, Alonzo’s life is full of manipulation in which he destroys everyone's life from playing with others feeling to betraying his love. Not only this, he involved himself in illegal work that caused him a lot of trouble.

But there is an end to everything. The day came when he came face-to-face with what he had become. The reflection of his sins imitated him, and the pain made everything self-known that he was suffering from NPD. Accepting the condition, he dove himself into repentance, and Forgive Me for My Sins is the first part of his repentance process.

If you feel the same, Forgive Me for My Sins can save you from drowning more into darkness and develop ways to deal with it, and believe us, don’t make yourself feel guilty of the things you don’t have in your hand. You need to stop and start your journey of repentance.

In Forgive Me for My Sins author gives a message to its reader that “your narcissism can destroy many lives. Embark on a  journey of repentance and become a happy human.”