Self-isolation can make one feel highly lonely and down, especially if you are living alone. Many of us find companionship comforting, but everyone is urged to reduce contact with the people outside of our house with the current situation. 

Having a pet during a lockdown does provide comfort and improve your mental health while working from home. If you are a pet lover and contemplating if you are ready to have a furry child, here’s a checklist for you to check if you are prepared to own a pet. 

Choosing the right pet

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It is crucial to research choosing the right pet for you based on their personality and lifestyle. You are oath to know the new child’s lifestyle you would like to live with for the next 10-25 years. 

Suppose you like a pet that is friendly, loud, and needy. Opting for a dog may be the right decision. Having a cat may be the right choice for you if you prefer to have your own space and like having a low-maintenance pet. However, not all dogs or cats act the same. Some of them may be needier, and some of them may be less friendly. 

It is advised to choose the pet not based on aesthetic reasons. You may contact the pet owner to find out more about the pet. You are also advised to visit the shelter or the pet store to look for the right one. 

You are financially stable 

Before owning a pet, you will need to ensure having enough fund for veterinarian check-ups. These might include deworming, vaccinations, and neutering. The cost of the check-up and miscellaneous are based on the pet and the gender of the pet. If you are thinking of purchasing a pet, it will cost you more. Just a reminder that you will also constantly need to buy pet food and other products monthly. RinggitPlus informative article you may check out on the cost of owning a pet. 

We highly suggest you adopt a pet instead of purchasing one. Adopting a pet helps you save more money, and you will be able to save a life, and the fund will go to the shelter in need (if you adopt a pet from the pet shelter). As a pet lover, you would want to assist these fur children as much as possible!

Here’s the list of the pet shelter in Malaysia:

Being capable of taking care of a pet 

Taking care of a pet may be easier than taking care of a child, but you still need to take accountability for your new child(s). It is not efficient enough to feed them twice a day or scoop their cat litter every day. You will also need to come out with a long-term plan for your furry child. You need to fulfil their needs and wants. 

If you travel a lot or you do not stay at home often, having a fur child may not be fair for them. This is because most pets need affection and physical touch. 

Questions to ask yourself before becoming a pet parent:

  • Do you have time and space for your pet?
  • Are you constantly staying at home to take care of your pet?
  • Are you able to clean up after your pet frequently?
  • If you have a child, can your pet get along with your child?
  • Are you able to take care of your pet if they fall sick (physically, mentally, and financially)?

If all of the answers are yes, you are one step closer to become a pet parent. 

It is a long and massive commitment to take care of any pets, regardless of the breed or their size. Before owning a pet, you will need to take serious consideration into it and be ready to take care of them physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially.

 Adopt, don’t shop! Let’s be a responsible pet lover, and we wish you all the best.