I love to create and design handmade things. Perhaps, it’s a reason that people consider the textile industry a hub of creativity. It has multiple categories, and crochet is one of them. It’s relaxing and fun work. There are lots of projects available to try. My favorite is a shawl.

Crocheted shawls are quite versatile that you can wear in each season, whether it’s a hot summer day or a chilly night. You can create it in any size and shape. Only you will have to consider the material’s quality.

There are so many patterns of crocheted shawls. You can find the perfect match to look great by considering the qualities of each. They are also available in different and unique colors. You can choose any of them according to your skin color and personality.

Today, I will discuss all this briefly in this article. 

Categories of crocheted shawls

Flirty shawl

Crocheted shawls make your outfit more attractive. You can wear it at a picnic, brunch, or other outings where you can wear something flirty. There is a variety of flirty crocheted shawls with different crochet stitches. Do you know the dress that makes you wish to spin around in a large field of flowers? You can consider this type of shawl equivalent of that dress.

Winter shawl

Winters mean it’s time to wear jeans, jackets, gloves, and shawls. In this season, you already wear warm clothes.  I suggest you use triangle-shaped crocheted shawls. It will be the perfect design for your packed outfit. You will look pretty in this wrap, and it will be easy to carry. They are affordable that make you feel free and fun due to the way of stitching.

Similarly, there is a lengthy list of crocheted shawls. It includes halo, nightfall, peafowl feather shawl, pop of color shawl, wine country triangle shawl, April showers shawl, summer shawl, and the list goes on.

The Perfect Crocheted shawls

Colorful crocheted shawls are available in the market. But looking attractive while wearing it depends on your color choice. With light skin color, you shouldn’t prefer light color scarves like light green, light blue, crème, or lemon. It will negatively impact your overall look. Instead, you should consider colors such as orange, black, brown, and others. Dark color shawls won’t be suitable for suntanned skin.


The outfit needs perfection that makes your personality attractive. Wearing crocheted shawls will be a beautiful decision. Is it possible? Yes, it is. You will have to research and work hard to know which kind of crocheted shawl will be suitable for your dress.

Crocheted shawls are available in different colors, designs, and stitching styles. You will need to get proper information regarding these shawls. You must know which color of the shawl will be a perfect match for your skin tone. You must know which size of the shawl will suit your outfit. Usually, it is available in 180 centimeters as a standard one. But the design and material depend on the client’s demands and choice.

Don’t choose light-colored crocheted shawls if your skin color is light. Try to avoid drab and lifeless colors as they won’t be suitable for your personality. You should wear a thing that suits you and make your personality advance. That’s why the choice of outfit accessories matters a lot.

These outfit accessories are versatile and compatible with any season. The most interesting thing about crocheted shawls is that you can also make them without stitching machines and needles. Only you have to learn professional skills and tricks to create it.